GREAT NEWS: Thanks to thousands of heroes like you, all 6 of Jim Walsh’s initiatives are GUARANTEED to appear on the all-important Nov 2024 ballot. YAY!

Thurs, Dec 28, 2023


To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

Collecting 400,000 voter signatures in a few short months for one initiative is REALLY DIFFICULT to do.

With your help over the past two decades, we’ve successfully qualified 17 statewide initiatives for a public vote.

It probably looked easy from the outside.

But it was super tough.

And that was us doing just one initiative.

Jim Walsh and his team just qualified 6 initiatives for the all-important Nov 2024 ballot.

6 initiatives in one election cycle.

That is a historic, unprecedented achievement.

During the past 100 years in Washington’s political history on initiatives, no one has ever tried, let alone succeeded, at qualifying so many initiatives during one election cycle.

Congratulations to Jim & his team for clearing that final hurdle today for his 6th initiative.

To qualify, they needed to turn in 325K valid signatures.

The Secretary of State recommends 405K.

Earlier today, Jim and his team turned in 424,894 signatures for Initiative 2124 which empowers every worker in the state to opt out — if they choose to — of Inslee and Democrats’ unsustainable Long Term Health Insurance Scam.

Many workers will do so.


Again, to get over the finish line, each of Jim’s 6 initiatives needed to turn in 405K signatures.

Check out these final totals for each one:


I urge everyone to send an email to Jim Walsh & Brian Heywood & their team and thank them for their heroic efforts and congratulate them for this historic achievement.

In the To line, copy & paste this:;;;;

(I only included my email address in there because I want to see what you tell them )

Subject line, copy & paste this:
Thank you and congratulations

In the body of the email:
Tell them how you feel about their efforts.

Personally, I’m in complete awe of their amazing accomplishment.

But let’s also thank the obnoxious bullies who sent out goon squads to try to harass petitioners and block citizens from signing Jim’s petitions.

This clearly backfired.

Instead of slowing things down, all they did was supercharge all the volunteers who had been working their butts off for months on this.

No one likes a bully.

Opponents’ obnoxious behavior ended up helping get all 6 of Jim’s initiatives over the finish line.

Make sure to send an email thanking and congratulating Jim & his team.

Thanks to your prayers, your friendship, your support, I’ve been able to keep fighting.

I urge you to support the Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund so Richard can get the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned.

Every time you help me is another chance for you to make sure Bob Ferguson fails to stop us! 

I urge you to send in your most generous donation TODAY!

Mail your check to:

Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund
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Or donate online:

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I love you all.



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