Join me on Tues, Sept 19 at the Yakima Walmart (6600 W Nob Hill Blvd) where I will be helping collect voter signatures for Jim Walsh’s 6 common sense initiatives (2-4pm). I’ll also be holding a press conference at the store’s main entrance starting at 2pm. 

Please also join me that same evening at the Yakima City Council meeting (council chambers, 129 N 2nd St) at 6 pm where I will testify in-person about the mayor’s abuse of power. I urge you to do the same. Here are instructions on how to testify in-person or remotely.

I need your help – I urge everyone to send an email to Yakima’s mayor & city council demanding that they vote to censure the mayor for abuse of power. She made a 911 call to browbeat law enforcement into arresting citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Sun, Sept 16, 2023

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

You call 911 when there is an emergency — when a person’s been shot, stabbed, raped, or attacked.

You only call that number and use up valuable public resources if there’s AN EMERGENCY.

Everyone knows that.


Everyone, it seems, except the Mayor of Yakima (my hometown).

The Mayor’s “emergency” call to 911 was her telling the dispatcher that there were “right wing petitioners” asking (gasp!) fellow citizens if they wanted to sign some initiative petitions.

Embarrassingly, the 911 dispatcher actually had to explain to the Mayor that First Amendment rights cannot be infringed upon by law enforcement.

The dispatcher was forced to take the time to read to the Mayor an email from the legal department explaining that it’s not the role of law enforcement to interfere with citizens’ rights unless a court ordered them to.

And if you think about it, that makes sense. Petitioning is simply a conversation between two individuals — the petitioner and the person signing the petition — a US Supreme Court ruling said that the First Amendment was at its “zenith” when that conversation occurs.

They ruled that the government is prohibited from interfering with or preventing the citizens’ right to petition.

As for where those conversations occur, Washington courts and Washington law have made it very clear that as long as the conversation is at a place that is open to the general public, then that conversation cannot be stopped by the government (how can be illegal for two people to talk with one another?).

In her 911 call, the Mayor of Yakima called that “insane.”

I need your help.

I urge everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — to take just a minute to send an email.

I’ve made it really easy:

In the “To” line of your email, copy and paste this:;

In the Subject line, copy and paste this:

I urge the city council to vote to censure the mayor for abusing her power by calling 911 to browbeat law enforcement into arresting citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights.

In the body of the email, copy and paste this (or use your own words, tell ’em how you feel):

The Mayor of Yakima abused her power when she called 911 to urge law enforcement to arrest citizens for exercising their First Amendment rights. This was a clear abuse of power. I urge the city council to censure the mayor for using her position and power to stop citizens from asking fellow voters to sign petitions and to prevent voters from having the opportunity to sign petitions they want the voters to vote on. 911 is for emergencies — preventing First Amendment activity is not an emergency — and a censure vote will show that no one is above the law, not even the Mayor.

— END —

And if you feel really strongly about it, you can send a text message to the Mayor’s cell number (in her recorded 911 call, she told law enforcement to call her back using it): 509-307-1880

There was a letter to the editor in Sunday’s Yakima Herald-Republic about it:

Why does the mayor object to citizen initiatives?

By Kevin Kessel

Yakima Mayor Janet Deccio recently challenged the rights of the people in regard to the state constitution-protected right of petitioning by calling 911 (in a non-emergency) because, “There’s some far-right wing petitioners at Walmart.” Really?

Citizen initiatives have been constitutionally allowed for as long as we’ve had a constitution. The people have every right to fix overreaches of the legislature or enact any other needed changes in THEIR state.

These are the initiatives that she reviles so much:

* I-2113 Reasonable Police Pursuit
* I-2117 Repeal The Hidden Gas (Carbon) Tax
* I-2124 Enable Citizens to Opt-Out of the State-Run Long Term Care Coverage
* I-2109 Repeal the Capital Gains Tax
* I-2111 No (Prevent a) State Income Tax
* I-2081 Parental Notification

Sufficient signatures would simply put these issues on the ballot to be voted on next year.

Deccio clearly opposes the democratic process and is trying to constrain the people’s free and political speech, and prevent their having the opportunity to vote for or against these common-sense issues. She clearly does not have the best interests of her constituents or respect for their rights at heart. Tell me, exactly how has she acted in accordance with her oath of office? Remove this elitist extremist.

— END —

Please … it’ll take you less than a minute to send that email.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Yakima, because:

Is it any wonder Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity? 

Every day you help me fight back is another day Ferguson failed.

Richard Sanders is committed to getting the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned so we can make sure what Bob Ferguson has been doing to me and my family never happens to anyone else ever again.

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I love you all.


Tim Eyman

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