I’m driving to 3 1/2 hours to Camas, Washington for tonight’s city council meeting at 7pm – JOIN ME THERE! During public comment time, we’re talking taxes. The mayor and city council really screwed over the citizens by imposing a massive new utility tax and a bunch of super citizens are fighting back with the first referendum in city history: Camas Referendum #1. You don’t need to be a Camas citizen to talk tonight, you don’t have to be a Camas citizen to help collect signatures. The 30 day deadline is THIS MONDAY. Help us get this over the finish line AND LET THE VOTERS OF CAMAS DECIDE.

Tues, Jan 3, 2023

Our thousands of supporters throughout the state 
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

Tim Eyman
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Tues, Jan 3, 2023

To: Camas Mayor Steve Hogan and Camas councilmembers Bonnie Carter, Don Chaney, Leslie Lewallen, Tim Hein, & Marilyn Boerke.

Bcc: Our thousands of supporters across the state, including those in Camas, members of the media, house & senate members, the Governor, and other local politicians across the state)

From: Tim Eyman, 509-991-5295, TimDefense.com

All of you really screwed over the citizens of Camas.

It’s awful what you’ve done to them.

You were supposed to represent the people, not rule over them.

That’s why I’m coming to Camas today.

I’m driving 7 hours roundtrip to confront you all during the 7:00 pm public comment period and it’s why I’m inviting everyone from across the state to join me (meet outside city hall at 6:45pm, public comment starts at 7:00 pm, 616 NE 4th St, Camas).

A bunch of us are meeting beforehand at Adams Bar & Grill in Camas … 4:30-6:30pm … to strategize.

You, the mayor and city council, created a massive new utility tax and you refused to let the voters of Camas vote on it.

And you instituted this surprise new tax so that the 30-day window to collect nearly 3000 signatures to qualify this referendum is during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

Sleazy, totally sleazy.

So a bunch of super citizens from Camas teamed up and formed a committee to push the city’s first ever referendum: Camas Referendum #1 (a referendum is a “voter veto” of an ordinance passed by the council).

Here’s a great news story about it and it includes a link to the actual petition itself (which you can print locally on your own):

And within the story, there’s a link that shows you how to print out your own petitions and learn more about this historic effort:

Steve, Bonnie, Don, Leslie, Tim, Marilyn: you should have let the voters decide on your own.

But you didn’t let them.


Because you knew the citizens of Camas would oppose this massive new utility tax and overwhelmingly reject it.

So you kept it a secret.

And you did everything you could to obstruct this referendum.

Sleazy, totally sleazy.

I’m asking everyone to join me tonight at Camas’ city council meeting and express your thoughts on this matter.

Each of us will have 3 minutes at the outset of the meeting to talk about it.

I’m driving 7 hours round trip to speak for 3 minutes.

Please join me tonight and express yourself also.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Is it any wonder that Bully Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity? 


The only reason I’m still here and I’m still fighting is because friends like you have seen this gross injustice and abuse of power and been willing to help me survive this political persecution.
I love you all.

Tim Eyman

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I’m very grateful for your friendship and support during this very difficult time. I love you all.

Tim Eyman

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