Join me @ the Monroe Fair this 3-day weekend – I’ll be @ the Republican booth collecting signatures for Jim Walsh’s initiatives. Drop by & say hi.

Fri, Sept 1, 2023

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

When it comes to collecting signatures for initiatives, sometimes you really gotta put the thumbscrews into people.

Just kidding.

Actually, it’s really easy.

You just have to ask them to sign.

And it helps A LOT if you really enjoy it.

And I do.

I really have a lot of fun w/ the people who come by the booth to sign.

As I’ve said many times:

Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

And I love talking with people and asking them to let the voters decide on initiatives.

And thanks to Jim Walsh, there’s some really great initiative petitions to sign on to this year (deadline to turn in petitions is December 30).

Check out this progress report I received this week that inspired me to volunteer at the booth this final weekend (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday):

That is fantastic progress and it’s incredibly encouraging.

So I urge you to come to the Monroe Fair this weekend, drop by the Snohomish County Republican Party booth, sign Jim’s petitions, share some handshakes & hugs, and give me the chance to thank you in person for all your help over the years.

Richard Sanders is committed to getting the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned.

Please donate TODAY so we can make sure what Bob Ferguson has been doing to me and my family never happens to anyone else ever again.

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I love you all.


Tim Eyman

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