Just testified on a needed bill that would protect citizens who petition – Democrats oppose it (duh!). Leaving now for Ocean Shores for a conservative political conference (Roanoke) this weekend. I’ll send everyone a report on Monday.  

GREAT NEWS: Yesterday Jim Walsh’s last initiative was officially certified. So it’s official: all 6 of his common sense initiatives are guaranteed to appear on the all-important November ballot. Congratulations to Jim & his team — AND ALL OF YOU — for helping get all 6 over the finish line. It’s an unprecedented achievement. 

Way to go, Jim!!!

Fri, Jan 26, 2024

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 27 years

I just finished testifying IN FAVOR of a needed bill that would protect citizens who are out there collecting signatures for an initiative or referendum.

It is sponsored by Republican senator Jeff Wilson and we owe him our thanks for doing so.

Here are the points I made:

* For 27 years, I’ve been doing initiatives and I’ve seen many coordinated efforts to block an initiative or referendum from the ballot.

Here are the FACTS:

* The bill’s 25-foot safety zone DOES NOT say an initiative opponent can’t be inside the safety zone — it just says they can’t be an obnoxious jerk when they’re within 25 feet of a person collecting signatures. 

* BLOCKING HAS NEVER WORKED – it always backfires (like it did with Jim Walsh’s 6 initiatives). The union goons that spent $250,000 on blockers last year to stop Jim’s initiatives only fired up our people even more. There’s never been a signature drive that failed to qualify because of blockers. Nonetheless, both sides do it. But every time it’s done, the obnoxious jerks doing the blocking only succeed at getting non-paid volunteers to stop. Paid petitioners ALWAYS persevere. They simply move to a different location or wait 30 minutes for the blockers to leave and then resume collecting signatures at the same location. That’s why the protection offered by this bill will be most beneficial to non-paid volunteers who simply want to give voters the chance to sign their petition. 

* As Shankar Narayan of the ACLU pointed out in testimony: “Petitioning isn’t just political speech — the High Court ruled that petitioning is core political speech which is deserving of the highest protection.”

* Decades ago, SCOTUS found that the First Amendment is “at its zenith” when one person asks another person to sign a petition. That interaction – that zenith of core political speech — needs this bill’s protection just like election workers are already afforded (100 feet).

The Democrats on the committee did what Democrats always do — they changed the subject.

“So a petitioner will be protected but a woman getting an abortion won’t be, is that right?” 


The answer to her question is yes, because one is in the Constitution, the other is not. 

I’ll let you know if Sen. Wilson’s bill advances.

I’m now about to drive to Ocean Shores for a conservative political conference (Roanoke) this weekend. It’s a yearly get together and I love going. It’s like a family reunion. I’ll send out a report on Monday.

Here’s THE ONLY REASON Bob Ferguson targeted me and my family: 

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I love you all.


Tim Eyman

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