Here is Glen Morgan’s column about his amicus brief in my case – great summary. Read it & donate to the Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund so we can get this ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned.

Fri, June 30, 2023

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Just wow.

What a fantastic column:

 By Glen Morgan, June 29, 2023

A few weeks ago, I filed an Amicus Brief to the Washington State Supreme Court in the Bob Ferguson v. Tim Eyman persecution case which has been in process for over a decade now. I’ve written about Eyman’s legal woes on occasion over the years, but this Amicus Brief is really the first opportunity I’ve had to make any type of impact on the case itself. I’ll be posting a YouTube video I just filmed about this in a few days.

There have been a lot of strange aspects to this Ferguson v. Eyman case over the years.

Clearly, from the beginning, it has been a personal vendetta on a scale rarely witnessed outside the cesspool of Washington DC.

This is more than just an abusive, ego-driven politician willing to abuse the powers of the state to attack his political enemies. This case really has the potential to define more than just Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and his effort to become the next Washington State Governor. It is also more than about Tim Eyman, the Initiative King of Washington state.

Tim Eyman’s greatest sin is obvious. Eyman committed the unpardonable sin of attempting to reduce the size, scope, and bloat of the administrative state by constraining the uncontrolled and exponential growth of taxes in Washington State. 

He used the only power left to the people of Washington state, and this was the initiative process. He was surprisingly successful in this effort over 26 years, saving the taxpayers over $60 billion of taxes that would have been otherwise squandered by the state and vanished with nothing to show for it.

For this sin alone, Eyman was going to pay.

Ferguson decided to be the one to punish Eyman for his sins.

Ferguson, accurately I believe, presumed he would be rewarded by the tax-grifter political insider class in Washington state for his efforts.

Because of the personal vendetta against Eyman, with no comparison to any other lawsuit ever filed by Washington state against any other individual, this case truly stands alone.

The trial court circus was weird and unusual, the motion practice was exceptional and disproportionate to any underlying fact pattern – even the imaginary one invented and promoted by Ferguson’s minions at the AG’s office.

The $5.5 million judgement against Eyman for, at worst, guessing wrong or screwing up on some random interpretations of the campaign finance statute (RCW 42.17A), and unique among the last few hundred people accused of breaking Washington state’s campaign finance laws, Bob Ferguson decided to go scorched-earth against him.

However, the unlikeable Bob Ferguson was able to garner both campaign cash in his fundraising efforts – usually quoting from his own official press releases.

 And Ferguson was finally able to collect some positive social media kudos by attacking the guy hated most by political insiders – initiative activist Tim Eyman.

 My Amicus Brief addresses just one of the most absurd aspects of this case which the Appeals Court allowed to stand (that Tim Eyman is no longer a person, that he’s now designated as a walking talking political committee which results in “a financial death sentence”). My amicus explains how (linked here).

The Supreme Court accepted my brief (linked here). AG Ferguson responded weakly to my Amicus Brief (linked here), and Tim Eyman’s attorney – former State Supreme Court Justice Sanders – filed a favorable supportive response to it (linked here).

Will the Supreme Court hear this case? We will see. If they do, I’d like to believe that my Amicus helped influence that decision.

— END —

 This all-important appeal is exposing Bob Ferguson for the bully and the braggart he’s been as AG and would be as Governor.

Last August, when the AG stripped me of my person-hood, took my home, and drained all my bank accounts (I was allowed to keep $1500), things shifted from REALLY WANTING help to DESPERATELY NEEDING help.

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