Reviews on my court hearing last week. Also, please join me next week for my other lawsuit against the AG for attacking the initiative process.

Thurs, April 4, 2024


To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 27 years

Join me: Lawsuit against the AG and the Sec of State for attacking the initiative process. It’s next Friday, April 12th, 9am, Olympia, Thurston County courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Dr, Judge Chris Lanese courtroom on the 2nd floor. 

Even though I’ve done a lot of these, I get so nervous when I’m in court that it’s tough for me afterwards to even remember the things I said.

That’s why it was so great that some great friends joined me in court last Friday. 

After it was over, we got a group picture outside the courthouse (see above) and I got some text messages from them afterwards:

Laurie: “Tim just wanted to say you were very effective in court. Making statements with great clarity! A great strength in you have in a courtroom!”

Myrna: “I was really impressed, Tim. You were professional and well prepared. Despite all the pressure you were under, you appeared relaxed, confident, and in control. You make it look easy no doubt because of your years of experience. Your closing remarks were really powerful. Well done.”

Phil P: “Tim, I thought you made great points. Thank you for keeping up the good fight and being our ‘man in the arena’.”

Sherri & Klaus: “Tim, we are very grateful for your hard work on behalf of our state’s citizens. Your clear and concise arguments at the court hearing were really impressive. Keep fighting the good fight. You have countless thankful people in your corner. Great job!”

Phil B: “It’s inspiring to see your passion to empower Washingtonians to have a direct voice in their government. While the Judge didn’t rule your way, it was clear he really respected how sincere you were in trying to hold the AG accountable. Well done Tim.”

I am so grateful to them and to all of you for always having my back and being in my corner. 

It means a lot to me.

Next Friday’s hearing will also be before Judge Chris Lanese:

That lawsuit is against the Secretary of State and the Attorney General for abusing their power.

They just unilaterally raised the initiative filing fee 3020%.

This is clearly an attack on Jim Walsh for successfully qualifying an astonishing 6 initiatives.

But this sneak attack hits everyone because it blocks initiatives so that voters will have fewer to vote on in the future. 

So I ask everyone for your prayers as I get ready for this next battle against this evil AG.

And if at all possible, do your best to join me in Olympia next Friday at 9am. 

Is it any wonder why Bully Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?


I urge you to help me fight back against the AG’s abuse of power by donating to the Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund so that Richard Sanders can get this ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned.


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With your help, I will keep fighting for the people across our nation with initiatives, lawsuits, lobbying, and helping elect more freedom-loving elected officials.

I love you all.


Tim Eyman

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