Since 2018, I became the unofficial co-sponsor of every initiative. My successful lawsuit 5 years ago against the AG made Jim Walsh’s 6 initiatives possible. If I hadn’t challenged it, initiatives would be dead forever.

Fri, Oct 27, 2023

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From: Tim Eyman

Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

Because of my lawsuit against the AG in 2018, I became the unofficial co-sponsor of Initiative 940, a liberal initiative that qualified but was blocked from a public vote by the Democrat-dominated Legislature.

And by winning that lawsuit, I became the unofficial co-sponsor of all future initiatives.

Am I exaggerating?

OK, maybe a little bit.

But still, my name won’t appear on initiative filings but no initiative since 2018 would be there if not for my lawsuit 5 years ago against Bob Ferguson.

Superstar conservative activist Glen Morgan wrote about it.

Tim Eyman won an overwhelming and decisive victory in court. His lawsuit was simple and clear, and his defense of the State Constitution was solid. The Attorney General’s effort was feeble. The constitutional protections for initiatives to the legislature will stand as written.

The lawsuit involved an initiative to the legislature called I-940 which was intented to reduce unlawful police shootings. About 360,000 signatures were gathered, easily qualifying it. However, the Democrat-dominated Legislature decided to not follow the clear requirements in the Constitution.

As outlined in Article II, Section 1a of our State Constitution, there are only three options the Legislature can follow:

1) They can do nothing which results in the original initiative automatically advancing to the November ballot for the people to decide.

2) They can pass the initiative (exactly as written) into law.

3) They can propose an alternative to the initiative which results in both the alternative and the original initiative on the ballot.

Significantly, the Legislature is expressly prohibited from amending or editing the initiative.

However, for the first time in state history, the legislature decided to amend I-940 anyway. Then they passed the amended version of the initiative into law and then blocked the people from voting on it.

This was new territory.

Tim Eyman properly recognized the dangerous precedent this illegal action by the Legislature would create for future initiatives. If this action was allowed to stand, it would effectively end the ability of the people to propose initiatives to the legislature because they would have no certainty whether the legislature would amend, edit or radically alter the initiative and then block a public vote on it.

Eyman filed suit.

What happened? The lower court and the state supreme court ruled against the AG which resulted in the original initiative appearing on the Nov 2018 ballot.

Tim Eyman effectively put I-940 on the ballot without gathering a single signature.

It should be increasingly clear why Bob Ferguson is attempting to impose a permanent ban on Eyman’s ability to participate in the political process. While Eyman doesn’t always succeed in his efforts, he is clearly unafraid to try.

The AG is a loser on multiple fronts.

First, his arguments were weak and unconvincing. Second, it can’t be ignored that while the AG floundered to defend the indefensible in this case, this AG is trying to ban from the political process Tim Eyman who just successfully called out the Legislature for violating the Constitution.

Something really stinks in the AG’s office. Ferguson’s use of his office for partisan attacks on political enemies like Trump, Eyman, and others is wearing thin.

— END –

That successful court victory against Bob Ferguson was a really big deal.

Because Jim Walsh’s conservative initiatives deserve a public vote.

But none of them would be happening if the Legislature had gotten away with what they did.

No one would choose to do an initiative if Olympia could adopt it, change it, and then block the people from voting on it.

That huge victory cleared the path and made Jim Walsh’s common sense initiatives possible.

Jim Walsh’s 6 initiatives are getting national, state, & local coverage.


Is it any wonder Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

Every day you help me fight back is another day Ferguson failed.

Richard Sanders is committed to getting the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned so we can make sure what Bob Ferguson has been doing to me and my family never happens to anyone else ever again.

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Tim Eyman

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