SUPERCHARGED: My trip to Camas to help them fight back was a life-affirming experience for me. I loved every minute of it because it was a great cause.

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Thurs, Jan 5, 2023

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state

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From: Tim Eyman

Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

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What a fantastic event in Camas yesterday.

It was totally worth the 7 hours round trip driving to and from there (with car tabs that expired nearly 4 years ago!).

I met so many amazing people who are working their tails off to qualify Camas Referendum #1 (due date for turning in signatures is this Monday, 5pm at Camas City Hall).

And at the 7:00 pm city council meeting, we all confronted a bunch of arrogant, pompous, too-big-for-their-own-britches politicians who were forced to listen to regular citizens who were furious about this huge new utility tax.

And they had to hear these words over and over and over again:


Before the council meeting, we all met at Adams Bar & Grill to strategize (and to make sure everyone got an eye-popping color t-shirt (LET THE VOTERS DECIDE, PERSISTENCE, NEVER GIVE UP).

While there, we also were convincing citizens to sign up.

Sometimes, we just had to tell them what it was about.

Other times we had to use even stronger techniques to “persuade” them to sign up.

At 6:30pm, we walked over to city hall for the meeting and gathered in the foyer before going in together.

City Council meetings in Camas don’t generate this kind of turn out … EVER!

Each of us had 3 minutes to talk about this.


I set the tone — everyone after me followed my lead.

I was confrontational, I was direct, I called out the mayor and city council members by name and told them what they had done was “sleazy, totally sleazy” (when they unilaterally imposed this huge new utility tax).

And I upbraided them for what they are doing (which is blocking the referendum so the people will never get to vote) which was “sleazy, totally sleazy.”

And I told them what a Pandora’s box this tax is.

Because their tax will start here:

And then it’ll go here:

And it’ll just keep going up and up and up.

Thanks to superstar Scott, he captured my testimony on film (I’ll have it ready so everyone can watch it tomorrow).

I hate the fact that this bunch of arrogant politicians screwed over the citizens of Camas.

I’m infuriated that I had to drive 7 hours roundtrip to get in their faces for being such sleaze-balls.

But the entire time I was there was a life-affirming experience for me because of all the love, the enthusiasm, the fun, the friendship, the comraderie, and the appreciation that I saw and received and gave while I was there.

It was a reminder that I’m doing what I was born to do.

It reinforced to me that this is why I was put on this Earth.

My life’s mission is to fight for the people.

And I absolutely love doing it.

Every day is a gift.

It’s because of you — your prayers, your friendship, your support — that I feel like this EVERY SINGLE DAY (especially yesterday).

Is it any wonder that Bully Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

The only reason I’m still here and I’m still fighting is because of the love and support of thousands of great people like you who’ve seen this gross injustice and abuse of power and are willing to help me survive this political persecution.

I love you all.

Tim Eyman

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I’m very grateful for your friendship and support during this very difficult time. I love you all.

Tim Eyman

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