Tell all 49 senators: “I hate automatic ticketing cameras – I’m telling you to REJECT the House’s massive expansion by OPPOSING House Bill 2384. It’s taxation-through-citation — just another way for government to pick our pockets. STOP HB 2384 — it’s way too dangerous.” There’s a critical hearing today @ 4pm in the Senate Transportation committee. Please email all 49 senators (I make it easy) and please also provide testimony (in person, ZOOM, or in writing). 

Tues, Feb 20, 2024

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 27 years

The picture above was taken in 2010 when I co-sponsored an initiative in my hometown of Mukilteo to ban automatic ticketing cameras (automatic red-light ticketing cameras and automatic speed ticketing cameras).

71% of Mukilteo voters OVERWHELMINGLY rejected them. 

The following year 65% of Bellingham voters rejected ticketing cameras, 65% of Monroe voters rejected them, 59% of Longview voters rejected them. When HALF THE VOTERS IN REDMOND signed our petitions demanding a public vote, the city council took another look at the ticketing camera company’s studies and recognized the fraud and voted to take them down.

9 states have banned ticketing cameras because of the corruption that always accompanies them.

Nearly 30 cities have voted on ticketing cameras AND EVERY SINGLE TIME the voters rejected them.


State and local governments have teamed up with A SLEAZY out-of-state, for-profit ticketing camera company to impose a MASSIVE EXPANSION of automatic ticketing cameras in Washington state.

I’m talking about cameras EVERYWHERE watching your every move and mailing you a ticket every time you step out of line.

All civil liberty protections that were in the original legislation passed in 2005 have been stripped away. 

The whole thing is based on a LIE: that governments aren’t doing this for the money.

Of course they are.

When politicians say it’s not about the money, you know it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

In 2005 when this Pandora’s Box was first opened, they promised that fines would only be the “cost of a parking ticket” — $20-$25.

But now those tickets cost hundreds of dollars and hit poor and middle-income taxpayers the hardest.

And so governments are now completely hooked on the revenue.

And what’s especially insidious about this money grab is this:


So they don’t want fewer violators — they want MORE violators. 

So they shorten yellow light times, they issue tickets even when you’re only a couple of miles/hour over the speed limit, and when you don’t stop for 3 FULL SECONDS before taking a free right turn. 

The state house has passed HB 2384 which MASSIVELY EXPANDS automatic ticketing cameras in Washington state.

Now it’s before the state senate.

The first hearing is TODAY at 4pm in the Senate Transportation committee. 

So the first thing I need you to do is provide testimony — the more people testifying against this horrible bill the better.

Here’s how:

Click on this link to provide testimony.

Then look for the green box that reads — Sign up to testify [ Submit written testimony — and then click on it.

HB 2384 will automatically be marked.

Below that, choose which way you’d like to provide testimony:

IN PERSON: I would like to testify in person (too late at this point)

ZOOM:  I would like to testify remotely (very possible – you have until 3pm to sign up)

REGISTER YOUR OPPOSITION: I would like my position noted for the legislative record

WRITTEN TESTIMONY: I would like to submit written testimony

Fill out the rest of the form and submit it. 

If providing written testimony, you can copy and paste the information below.

Now, I urge EVERYONE to send emails to all 49 senators.

I make it easy.

To email all the SENATORS, copy and paste this into the “To:” line:


Copy & paste this into the Subject line:

I hate automatic ticketing cameras – I urge you to REJECT the House’s massive expansion by OPPOSING House Bill 2384. It’s taxation-through-citation — just another way for government to pick our pockets. STOP HB 2384 — it’s way too dangerous.

Copy & paste this (or something like this) into the body of the email (tell ’em how you feel):

I hate automatic ticketing cameras – I urge you to REJECT the House’s massive expansion by OPPOSING House Bill 2384. It’s way too dangerous. STOP HB 2384.

It’s all based on a lie — that it’s not about the money.

Of course it’s about the money — it’s simply taxation-through-citation, just another way for government to pick the pockets of taxpayers.

And it hits poor and middle-income taxpayers the hardest. 

And it transfers an essential government function — law enforcement — to an out-of-state, for-profit company that has a financial incentive to trap as many citizens as possible.

9 states prohibit ticketing cameras because of the corruption (sleazy company executives bribing politicians, bureaucrats, and recipients that get the money – it’s really ugly).

Nearly 30 cities have had public votes AND VOTERS REJECTED THEM EVERY TIME.

Local voters in every community in Washington state who had the chance to vote rejected this money-making scheme. 

The House’s version throws out the original legislation passed in 2005, which included numerous civil liberty protections, and they replaced it with House Bill 2384 which implements a MASSIVE EXPANSION of ticketing cameras all throughout Washington without those protections.

I don’t want that.

Voters don’t want that.

Ticketing cameras are a cancer and I am absolutely against that cancer spreading. 

Reject the House’s version — OPPOSE HB 2384. 

I urge EVERYONE to help me amplify our voices so we can stop BIG BROTHER.

Is it any wonder Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

Here is THE ONLY REASON he targeted me and my family: 

I urge you to help me fight back against the AG’s abuse of power by donating to the Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund so that Richard Sanders can get this ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned.

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With your help, I will keep fighting for the people across our nation with initiatives, lawsuits, lobbying, and helping elect more freedom-loving elected officials.

I love you all.


Tim Eyman

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