Tomorrow (Tues, Feb 14, 8am) is a hearing in Olympia on the Democrats’ Holy Grail: a huge new tax on people’s wealth … PAID EVERY YEAR! Help me stop it and several other “covet” bills. Email all 147 legislators and tell them to oppose these bills. I also urge you to testify by ZOOM or submit written testimony against all these “covet” bills. I show you how — it’s pretty easy. 

Mon, Feb 13, 2023

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

The Democrats’ Holy Grail has always been to impose a massive YEARLY tax on people’s wealth (not just taxing your yearly income, but imposing a tax on everything you own EVERY YEAR).

It boils down to this: they want to take money from people who earned it and give it to people who didn’t. 

Democrats push bills like these to pit citizens against one another — to incite envy and jealousy.

Successful people weren’t lucky (famous saying: “the harder I work, the luckier I get”).

They worked their butts off, took huge risks, sacrificed a lot, saved and scrimped over many years, and earned their money.

The people who didn’t earn this money don’t deserve to get it from the people who did.


Because it’s NOT their money — they didn’t earn it.

The 8:00 am hearing on this bill is tomorrow — Valentine’s Day.

The Democrats purposely scheduled this on a day the fewest number of people who are earning their money could participate and the largest number of people who want to take it could.

The stupidity of House Bill 1473 knows no bounds (a huge new YEARLY tax imposed on a Washington citizen’s “worldwide wealth”). 

First of all, successful people aren’t stupid — they’re never going to pay such an unwieldy, cumbersome, outrageous tax EVERY YEAR — they will either hire smart lawyers to avoid it (leaving regular folks like you and me to make up the difference) or they will simply move to another state that doesn’t tax wealth. Those successful people will have lots of options: most states want successful people to live there, have their businesses there, have their employees work there, pay reasonable taxes there (with the added benefit of having these successful people and their employees donate generously to local charities, communities, and citizens who live in the same state).

Most states aren’t so dumb as to enact a law like HB 1473 because they understand that a huge new tax on everything a person owns all across the world EVERY YEAR is insane. 

I’ll be testifying in person tomorrow (Tues, Feb 14, 8am).

I invite you to join me (I’ll have a Valentine’s Card for you if you do).

At that same 8:00 am hearing, I’ll also be testifying against House Bill 1795 which increases the death tax even higher (which is taxation without respiration). The vultures in Olympia seem to think they aren’t picking at the carcasses of the dead aggressively enough already. But Washington’s death tax is the HIGHEST in the nation which incentivizes successful people to move out. HB 1795 (and HB 1473) will only inspire more to move away (same goes for the capital gains income tax). 

I’ll also be testifying against all the bills at that hearing because the rest of them are the ones that give away the money the government took from the people who earned it. 

Since you’re a normal person who no doubt works for a living and so you likely don’t have time to drive to and from Olympia on a weekday morning (especially Valentine’s Day), I urge you to testify by ZOOM or submit written testimony. 

I show you how — it’s pretty darn easy. See below.

But first, I implore you to back me up NOW by sending emails to all 147 legislators telling them to STOP these jealously bills (HB 1473, HB 1795, HB 1556, HJR 4205, HB 1761, and HJR 4206).

Please send 2 separate emails: one to Senate and one to the House.

Copy and paste this into the Subject line:
I oppose the bills that take money from people who earned it (HB 1473, HB 1795) and I oppose the bills that give their money to people who didn’t earn it (HB 1556, HJR 4205, HB 1761, and HJR 4206). I urge all legislators to join us in stopping these ‘covet’ bills because they’re purposely pushed to get people pitted against one another. To inspire people to be jealous and envious of one another. They’re divisive, destructive, and counterproductive. The people of Washington cannot withstand the government’s insatiable tax appetite.

1st email, send it to SENATORS: Copy and paste this into the “To:” line:

2nd email, send it to HOUSE MEMBERS: Copy & paste this into the “To” line: 
peter.abbarno@leg.wa.govemily.alvarado@leg.wa.govandrew.barkis@leg.wa.govjessica.bateman@leg.wa.govstephanie.barnard@leg.wa.govapril.berg@leg.wa.govsteve.bergquist@leg.wa.govliz.berry@leg.wa.govdan.bronoske@leg.wa.govmichelle.caldier@leg.wa.govlisa.callan@leg.wa.govkelly.chambers@leg.wa.govbruce.chandler@leg.wa.govmike.chapman@leg.wa.govgreg.cheney@leg.wa.govfrank.chopp@leg.wa.govleonard.christian@leg.wa.govapril.connors@leg.wa.govchris.corry@leg.wa.govjulio.cortes@leg.wa.govtravis.couture@leg.wa.govlauren.davis@leg.wa.govtom.dent@leg.wa.govbeth.doglio@leg.wa.govbrandy.donaghy@leg.wa.govdavina.duerr@leg.wa.govmary.dye@leg.wa.govdebra.entenman@leg.wa.govcarolyn.eslick@leg.wa.govdarya.farivar@leg.wa.govjake.fey@leg.wa.govjoe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.g;  laurie.jinkins@leg.wa.govmark.klicker@leg.wa.govshelley.kloba@leg.wa.govjoel.kretz@leg.wa.govmari.leavitt@leg.wa.govdebra.lekanoff@leg.wa.govsam.low@leg.wa.govnicole.macri@leg.wa.govjacquelin.maycumber@leg.wa.govstephanie.mcclintock@leg.wa.govjoel.mcentire@leg.wa.govsharlett.mena@leg.wa.govmelanie.morgan@leg.wa.govgina.mosbrucker@leg.wa.goved.orcutt@leg.wa.govtimm.ormsby@leg.wa.govlillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.govtina.orwall@leg.wa.govdave.paul@leg.wa.govstrom.peterson@leg.wa.govgerry.pollet@leg.wa.govalex.ramel@leg.wa.govbill.ramos;

What should you write in the body of your email? Copy & paste this (or write something on your own):

I oppose these bills (HB 1473, HB 1795) that take money from people who earned it and give their money to people who didn’t earn it (HB 1556, HJR 4205, HB 1761, and HJR 4206). These proposals are purposely pushed to get citizens pitted against one another … to inspire people to be jealous and envious of one another.

These bills are divisive, destructive, and counterproductive. 

The government clearly doesn’t need the money — they’re taking it from people who earned it and giving it to people who didn’t.

Besides, in the past 10 years, the Legislature has raised taxes 41 times costing taxpayers over $62.3 billion.

How can you possibly think we can afford any more?

And we’ve not forgotten that we NEVER received the $30 Tabs we voted for 3 times. Instead, you insulted us by claiming ‘we were confused.’ That only makes us even more opposed to any tax or fee increases this session. We’re taxed enough already. The taxpayers of Washington oppose the government’s insatiable tax appetite.  

SEND YOUR EMAILS RIGHT AWAY (if you have problems, let me know, I’ll help).

Now, to testify (either remotely or in writing), here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Click here

STEP 2: Click on Testifying in a Committee Hearing (it’s on the right side of the page)


Click on Submitting Written Testimony to a Committee (it’s on the right side of the page)

STEP 3: Click on HOUSE

STEP 4: Under committee, click on it and go toward the bottom and mark “Finance”

STEP 5: Under Meetings, select: 02/14/23, 8:00am

STEP 6: Click on the dot to the left of “HB 1473 Wealth/property tax”

STEP 7: Click on: I would like to testify remotely


Click on: I would like to submit written testimony

STEP 8: Provide the requested information on the form.

STEP 9: Copy and paste into the “Written Testimony” area the text of your email message (see above) 

Once you’re done doing it for this bill, it’ll give you the option to sign up for more.

Go ahead and do that — go through the same process for all the other bills at that hearing.

This is really important.

I’m super grateful to everyone who helps me with this. 

Please send 2 emails and join me in testifying remotely or submitting written testimony against these “jealously” bills.

Is it any wonder that Bully Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity? 

I really need your help to survive Bully Bob Ferguson’s litigation / persecution of me and my family.

The only reason we’re still here is thanks to the heartfelt prayers and generous support from friends like you.

Please donate to my legal defense fund today (see below).

Last August, when the AG took my house and drained all my bank accounts (I was allowed to keep $1500), things for me and my family shifted from REALLY WANTING help to DESPERATELY NEEDING help.

I urge you to help me survive this political persecution by donating to my legal defense fund so that Richard Sanders can get the AG’s ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned so this never happens to anyone else. 

Mail your check to: Tim Eyman Legal Defense Fund, 500 106th Ave NE #709, Bellevue, WA, 98004
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With your help, I will keep fighting for the people across our nation with initiatives, lawsuits, lobbying, and helping elect more freedom-loving elected officials.

I love you all.


Tim Eyman

You can call or text me anytime: 509-991-5295

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