Updated calculation: $60.1 billion is the new total the taxpayers have saved thanks to our initiatives (through 2023). That’s an amazing accomplishment. But we’ve saved taxpayers BILLIONS more by stopping tax increases. Thanks to all of us working together, there wasn’t a single tax increase this session!  

Tues, June 13, 2023

To: Our thousands of supporters throughout the state
(cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor, and other candidates for office)

From: Tim Eyman
Fighting for Taxpayers for 26 years

It’s really amazing.

Our initiative eliminating the state car tab tax in 1999 and our initiative eliminating some local car tab fees in 2002 have saved taxpayers $38.2 billion (through 2023).

Capping the growth of property taxes with our initiative in 2001 has saved the taxpayers $21.9 billion (through 2023).

That’s $60.1 billion in DIRECT tax savings.

$60.1 BILLION.

That’s an amazing accomplishment.

But the impact of our initiatives has also resulted in billions more in tax savings INDIRECTLY.

When voters passed our 4 initiatives that required a 2/3 vote of the legislature to raise taxes, those initiatives stopped tons of tax hikes, saving taxpayers BILLIONS more.

That’s a great achievement too.

But does the impact of our collective efforts stop there?


Even more extraordinary were the results from this legislative session.

Because this is the first time in 10 years the Legislature didn’t raise taxes.

That’s right, not a single tax increase.

Oh ya, they wanted to.

They always want to.

The pigs at the trough were certainly pushing them to.

But thanks to all of you, all their tax hike bills died.

So no Worldwide Wealth Tax, no increase in the Death Tax or the Capital Gains Tax. No Pay-Per-Mile Tax. No elimination of our initiative capping the growth of property taxes.

I am so incredibly grateful to all of you for helping us fight back against the government’s insatiable tax appetite and stopping every tax proposal put forth this session.

And it happened because we showed up, we testified, we emailed, we called, we lobbied, and we made the taxpayers’ position very clear:

 Is it any wonder Bob Ferguson is trying so hard to impose a lifetime ban on all my future political activity?

And the only reason I’m still here and I’m still fighting is because of all of you.


Thanks to your prayers and support, Richard Sanders can continue to fight back against Bob Ferguson, get this ridiculously unconstitutional ruling overturned, and make sure the AG’s persecution of me and my family never happens to anyone else ever again.


Last August, when the AG took my home and drained all my bank accounts (I was allowed to keep $1500), things shifted from REALLY WANTING help to DESPERATELY NEEDING help.



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I love you all.




Tim Eyman


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